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Management system customization
YunLin Company’s of independent research and development is the third generation of management information system platform that provides faxible professional customized services based on business and management features and to meet customers’ management information system of personalized, professional needs.
The Yunlin third-generation management information system platform uses service-oriented architecture that is easy to implement, downsize, or expand. With its robust architecture, flexible and high extensibility, in the implementation of the project for each designing institute, Yun Lin can provide the perfect customized solution and greatly shorten the implementation of the project cycle based on the actual situation of the customer and product configuration. Yun Lin will help you to reduce the risk of implementation of the system, while improving the ability to design enterprise control software.

Management consulting services
Through “a specific group, and services, along with three levels of quality assurance system”, Yunlin has successfully resolved the relationship between large-scale service and personalized solutionto ensure service quality and to keep your business up to speed. Customers feel more than the value of the management consulting program. Throughout the consultation process, the consulting firm brings a wealth of knowledge, of management and "working hard" and the professionalism to clients; providing a strong corporate influence with the accumulation of our brand and reputation.
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Enterprise management and control consulting services
According to the Group's business development strategy, we design the Group's corporate governance structure, management,control model and organizational structure to optimize the control process, and establish a perfect control system for the enterprise group.
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Enterprise information technology planning and consulting
Group enterprise IT planning has its own characteristics, the Group's corporate IT planning should be starting from the strategic understanding the needs of the Group management control;Further analyze competitive strategy and business processes to determine the final Group's IT requirements. The Group's IT planning methodology, includes needs analysis, IT strategic planning, IT architecture planning, IT implementation plan.
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Enterprise network security
Network security data network system hardware, software and systems are protected and not subjected to destruction due to accidental or malicious reasons, change and disclosure.The system is continuous, reliable and during normal operation the network services are not interrupted.
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Internet behavior control
Yunlin can help you achieve the overall behavior management of Internet access. This includes web filtering, behavior control, traffic management, preventing intranet leakage and regulatory risk. Internet access, behavior records, Internet security, and other aspects control providemost effective solution to with our programs.
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 Data security maintenance
Server data securities are always the customers concern. Our backup program will guarantee that you will not suffer in any accident. Our specialized engineers provide value-added data backup solution by using customized backup hardware and software .We can configure on-demand system backups, database backup,or backup program for your single volume of the system.
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