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Administrative Office Management Information System

Need to select the appropriate solution? Whether you need to get the help on determine effectively implement solutions, or developing customized software, the the Yunlin service team always can help you fulfill the wish; and find resources to meet your needs.

With many years of practical experiences, our service team has remarkable records on implementing cost-effective solution for customers.. When partnering with Yunlin services team, you not only enjoy the services provided by Yunlin technical experts and professional consulting team, but also the help of the program management experts accompany you and your partners to the successful completion of each stage of the project.

The implementation process
The overall implementation project can be divided into five stages: project preparation and start-needs, business requirement and analysis, system implementation, operation and acceptance, maintenance optimization ,Each stage has its own implementation content and implementation of goal:
●    project preparation and start-up phase: to discuss and determine the project objectives, scope, implementation plan, set up the project team:
●    Business requirement and analysis phase: Build model for key users, understand the system infrastructure, in depth discussion of each department needs and prepare the preliminary demand gap analysis, determine the initial implementation methodology. At this stage, engaging software implementation team, customer management team and key personnel in various departments is very important.
●    The system implementation phase: include software implementation guidance, group-based system maintenance, system structures, data processing and entry, test run, user training, trial run. 
●    operation and acceptance stage: user training, user feedback and cut-over to formal operation, and delivery system data into the maintenance period. 
●    Maintain optimization phase: Software application is a gradual process, must take into account the new problems after customers’ use. We want to track the user's situation on a regular basis to understand and analyze problems, eventually optimize and improve operation. Throughout the maintenance optimization phase, the work is to ensure the system is efficient, stable.
Service support
The Yunlin standard maintenance services are in accordance with ISO9001 system standard, the process are clear, and transparent;
●   Once entering into the stage of the operation and maintenance services, client will receive the telephone and letters notify from Yunlin Serice to inform that customers have officially entered the stage of the operation and maintenance services. Each customer will be provided a unique Yunlin service identification number: Yunlin customer service number;
●   Customers have the option to call the Yunlin service hotline. The Yunlin hotline technical support engineers will diagnose the problem by telephone and provide solutions. Unsolved problem will be further process by tier-2 support team; 
●   The customer can choose on-site service, provided by Yunlin service engineers;
●   Customers can access the the Yunlin remote service center, operated by Yunlin online technical engineer through the remote access tool, and obtain online problem-solving.





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