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Development Platform

The SHAREMODULAR development platform is the highlight of Yunlinyears of research and development. Theplatform is based onamulti-tier architectureand SOA methodology, along with Yunlin's advanced technology to conduct production and R&Dcomponent.

●    Platform advantage

SHAREMODULAR is anopenplatform which allows the userwithgreat flexibility andexpandability. Thesystem administrator canconfigure thevarious types ofparametersinthisdevelopment platform, like forms, processes, roles, permissions, andinterfacefunctional modules. All systemdataautomatically connectseamlessly and automatically associateand match.Users canconfiguretheir own development according to business changes. At the same time, any independentfunctional modulescanbeintegratedintothis platform. Thisplatform strives to provides userswithhighflexibility, highintegration.

●    Platform logic and the service

The SHAREMODULAR is based onSOA (service-oriented architecture) architecture. SOA is standards-based, loosely coupled, reusable services. The interoperability and reusability enable business to respond quickly tochanges in demand.

Platform logic and the servicelayersarethecoreandthesupportofthe entiretheSHAREMODULARdevelopmentplatform. It offers a variety ofbasic services, such asthe main provider ofprocess services, formsservices,reporting services, transaction services, security services, tasksservices, andmessaging services. Theservice platformis alsoa common developmentplatform, Yunlin’salltheplug-in"functional modules aredevelopedon this basis. The platform support quick secondary enhancement and userconfigurationtoexpandthesystem'sfunctionalityand scope of application, in order to meettheenterprisesandfuture businessdevelopment needs

●    Data centers and Data access

The data centerincludesallthesystem's own data, and third-party generated data.Itisthe baseoftheoverallintegratedmanagement system application, also the foundation of enterprise data, information, knowledge accumulated.

You can use theeither SQLServer orORACLEdatabase systemstobuildtheunderlying databasemanagement system, and provideenterprise-classdata storage,access, insert, update, backup function.

Distributed data storage management supportsdata accesson multiple servers. It also supports future datacleansing, data analysis, data extraction, data migration and provides the necessarydata import /tools. This technology ensures theefficiencyofthedatabase systemnotbe drastically reduced due totheincrease of concurrentusers and thefile size.

Also by taking in account thespecific businessneededforthe report, we understand that generatingsummary reportdataisatediousdata processes, and usually tends tohogsystem resources. So in order to avoid this bottom neck due to large resourceconsumption, we create a certain number ofintermediateview, andautomatic datastatistics to support efficient data access and exchange.




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