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An Introduction to Management System for Designing Institutes

 Design industry is a knowledge and technology intensive industry as well as an age-old profession. After many years of exploration based on traditional network/hardware construction, the application of information technology has developed a new generation of information management philosophy, which centres on the database of years of accumulation of planning achievements, and aims for improvement of daily productivity and project management level.

The rapid development of computer technology, particularly the advancement of Internet /network techniques, has provided a solid foundation to the emersion of management system software that meets new requirements fromengineering design institutes. It becomes an inevitable trend for designing institutes to adopt project management systems that utilise computer networks and database technology over old-fashion design / management mode. Along with China's accession to the WTO and the embrace of market-oriented economy, planning and design institutes are facing with international competitions. Each individuals has already realized the necessity and urgency of enhancing efficiency and reducing cost, with the help of information technology, to improve comprehensive competitiveness.

Prospecting, planning and design institutes share some common features in their business, such as long cycles, strong collaboration, wide business scope, etc.. Design institutes can be divided into civil, military, industrial, or comprehensive ones according to their business focuses. Some of them, of certain size, have already installed network platforms with implementationof some professional application systems.Thus, the need for a comprehensive enterprise integrated system platform built on existing decentralized systems has become very urgent. Information management system is animportant reflection of enterprise' advanced management concepts. An advanced management concept is not only a blind pursuit of workload and benefits, but also high demands for scientific management of enterprises, scientific control of projects, process specification controls, reasonable allocation of resources, reduced cost and improved efficiency.





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