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Introduction to Travel Agency Management System

The world has entered the information age, which has set higher standards for the survival and development of travel agency as well as the management of the tourism industry norms. Implementation of information management has become an inevitable choice in order to strengthen enterprise management and enhance the core competency in the tourism industry. Information system management is aiming at improving business efficiency through optimizing business process, smoothing business channels, reducing operating costs; standardizing operations, managing risk control and real-time information exchange. Ultimately, as an organization, the travel agency can grow bigger and stronger.

At present, in China, due to management style of the travel industry, many travel agencies still follow the traditional manual process. Telephone, fax and manual transmission are still commonly used as contact methods in the industry, which results in poor internal information exchange and resources not sufficiently shared. Internal departments do not coordinate with each other and sometimes keep resources exclusive to one party without realizing that this actually weakens the company as a whole. Moreover, the fact that internal departments operate independently does not allow the company to take advantage of economies of scale in terms of purchase price and resource allocation as a whole. Furthermore, since the customer information is not shared within departments, it actually cause duplication of work efforts, inefficiency and increased operational costs.

In addition, with the absence of network management, a travel agent is not able to track customer information and that can easily lead to the loss of existing customers, not unified price quotes as well as difficult to explore potential customers. From a financial perspective, it will be difficult to have timely feedback on financial situation and a weak financial control will affect the normal operation of the enterprise. In the end, a travel agent lags behind market changes.

Yunlin Technology, through years of experience in information management industry, launched information management system platform customized for travel agency in 2010. This platform will enhance increasingly backward mode of management of travel agency in order to meet various types of growing business needs, reduce management costs, improve management efficiency, standardize business processes and integrate customer resources. I hope that our joint efforts can contribute to the development of the tourism industry!

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