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About Yunlin

Wuhan Yunlin Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, Hubei Province, the well-known software development and ISP. Since 2003, Yunlin Technology has provided completed web development application, platform and quality information management services to over six hundred state-owned private companies, government institutions, public institutions, and foreign-funded enterprises.

We are government certified IT company. We have “Software Enterprise Certificate” and “software product registration certificate" issued by “Ministry of Hubei Province Information Industry”. We also own many other certificates like “The Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate"; “The People's Republic of China Value-added telecommunications business license”; “Novelty certificate of honor” that issued by different levels of China government.

Our company is made up of professor-level senior engineers, industry experts, returned overseas talents; doctorate and master graduates. We have advanced development platforms, mature technology infrastructures, experienced technical teams. We dedicate to provide you with high quality and professional technical services.

On the technical side, we own independent intellectual property rights, SOA technology development platform. We can quickly develop an integrated, powerful, scalable business application and enterprise information management system via SOA platform. Under SOA architecture, each modules and functions are like “building blocks”, can be freely to create, assemble, disassemble and replace, so the whole information system can easily to be expanded based on the needs. We have also developed “Hub Platform” to customize application development according to different customer needs and management models. The “Hub Platform” support step by step project management and implementation; it ensure uniformity and seamless data connection and functions.

In services, we adhere to the concept of Software as a Service, to provide users with the flow-through process of service. We have a comprehensive service system, professional services team, rapid localization response mechanism, enable us to provide users with comprehensive and reliable technical support and guarantee in various stages of project. We thrive on providing customers with a full range of services: including hotline support services, remote diagnostic services, information services, home services, resident services to fully meet customer demand and ensure smooth project implementation and system operation. We provide customers with a 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted service, 2 hour response onsite service for local clients, we move from passive to active patrol regularly, to provide users with timely problem detection and problem-solving. We also provide occasional customer visits, and can be adjusted accordingly to client system supporting requirement.

Using good faith based, innovation-driven, and high-tech as a starting point; using technology as the core customer satisfaction for work guidelines, with a strong technical team for support, Yunlin Technology is committed to the construction and development of information technology; continuously to be the leader and bring value to the industry. In addition, we thrive on providing professional, long-lasting value-added services to help customers with mordern, advanced management system, advanced management concepts, to achieve long-term value.




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