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AOMS - Administrative Office Management System

Along with the rapid development of information technology, the AOMS system provides the administrative office with tremendous opportunities for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of doing office work. The administrative office now can transfer the office work from the manual operations to information technology and electronically.

AOMS is built on top of the advanced technology and national standards. First, Security Network technology, business logic, calculation methods, workflow technology, complex statements of statistical techniques, and human-machine interface interaction techniques such as development and maturity of the organs of electronic collaborative office laid the technical basis. Second, the relevant laws and regulations of the construction of national government information and the introduction of standards, from the level of legal and construction standards provide a basis for Use of sophisticated information technology to all levels of government.

Combined with the appropriate standards and regulations, all administrative department will be able to carry out the construction of the administrative information system, to promote the transformation of the traditional office mode to the mode of electronic office and improve office efficiency and reduce office expenses of each sector to work together office, well able to resolve the various contradictions and problems that exist in the traditional office mode, better services in the community.

The benefit of the AOMS
●     Administrative Transparency
Through the application of information systems, all the administrative office data at a glance, the Smart generate various statistical reports and analysis of maps, support for various forms of inquiry and comparison, to make administration more transparent and accurate, and easy to participate in various review in accordance with user requirements , publicity and ratings.
●     Standardize Workflow
AOMS achieves the electronic work processes, standardization, clear job responsibilities, effectively prevent the arbitrariness of the work. 
●     Improve Office Efficiency
By means of electronic office, all of the daily transmission of information are done through electronic means, the department staff at all levels are free from simple everyday tedious duplication of work, without holding a variety of documents, the applicant, the documents came in various departments back and forth, waiting for approval, signed and sealed. These are available on the network. Living in different places can also be provided by the mobile office and remote office to facilitate the handling of routine office. 
●     ;Assist Management Decision-Making
The AOMS helps global administrative work to be controllable, evaluation, and visualization. It helps the party office and all departments make decision accurately at the very beginning.
●     Enhance Collaborative Capacity
By means of electronic office, the establishment of virtual organizations, to break the separation of departments and geographical segmentation, various departments on the basis of a separate office in the electronic office systems, by means of information with other departments, convenient communication and interaction, and the ultimate objectives of the collaboration office achieved. The AOMS greatly enhanced collaboration among the various departments. 
●     Operational Savings
Significant savings by means of electronic office during office hours; information carriers change from paper to electronic means, the use of paper is greatly reduced; effectively control the loss of material through the system, reducing the waste.
●     &Accurate Performance Evaluation
The AOMS system reflects the number of jobs, quality, efficiency, goal management and evaluation. It provides a reference index, so that the assessment tends to be more just, fair.




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